NYC Food Adventure

25 Feb

This past weekend I ventured to NYC and enjoyed a beautiful breezy day with my cousin, FC (don’t ask, and it’s not Fried Chicken). Now, I know there are a million yummy eateries in NYC, and I am not going to claim places I went this weekend were the best of the best, but hey, they are pretty darn good…

Before going in to the city, the only place that I really wanted to go to was Pho Grand in Chinatown. Ever since the little pho restaurant in my neighborhood closed down, I have been in a pho withdrawal. I recently have heard a lot of great things about Pho Grand, so I have been cravingggg to go.

Pho Grand 

We ordered the Vietnamese spring rolls as appetizers, they were really hot when they came out (perfect!). Wrapped in a leaf of fresh lettuce and stuffed with couple of mint leaves, cannot complain.

Here is Tai Nam Gan Sach (#2)- Combination rice noodle beef soup with fresh eye of round, brisket, tendon and omosa. Whatever those ingredients are, they are banging.

After our yummy lunch, we roamed around Chinatown for a bit. FC got a passion fruit green tea with jelly from Quickly– sweet and tart with a bit of a bite from the jelly, perfect!

FC and I decided to walk to Soho and shop. On the way there, I found Amy’s Bread. I have gotten goodies from here before, but every time I went, they are always out of their famous PB&J sandwich. And guess what? WE GOT THE LAST SANDWICH!!

Natural peanut butter with homemade strawberry preserves in between two slices of sourdough bread. Excellent!

After FC and I walked through Soho, we decided to walk further to 23rd street and visit the newly opened Eataly! I have heard a lot about this place and oh boy, was it packed!

This was just the gelato door. This market was huge with a gazillion import goodies from Italy. I must admit that it was a bit touristy but all the food that we got was great, especially the hazelnut gelato. ahhh…

Silky, thin yet smooth, creamy, and rich flavor in hazelnut… I have never had better gelato… it was beyond heavenly.

We also got fresh penne al pomodoro and a pesto-mozzarella sandwich to go, but everyone started eating before I got to take pictures 😦 It’s okay, you just gotta check it out yourself. Make a trip to Eataly, it’s worth it!

Alright folks, there was my half day food adventure in NYC. More to come once the weather gets nicer!


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