Mother’s Day Brunch

12 May

Okay, it’s a day before Mother’s Day, and you have absolutely no plan as to what to do for the special lady. It’s so last minute- all the restaurants that you want to go to are booked, and though she said she doesn’t care for it, but you know she secretly does. What do you do?

Well, my friend, you have come to the right person/blog post. I think nothing shows how much you love your mom by cooking her an amazing meal to start the day, and spend the rest of the day doing whatever she wants to do.

Here is a list of a “brunch feast” that I came up with, and will “present” to my lady tomorrow.

Fruit salad

Let’s start light and begin with a refreshing fruit salad. There really isn’t a particular recipe for a good fruit salad. Basically, go to the store and buy whatever fruit is in season in your area. Wash, cut, then toss. There, easy?
If you want to be fancy and  jazz up your fruit salad, throw in some sugar, lemon zest, or even mint. Ta-da, that’s it.

This is easy as well. Light and refreshing. Check out how I made this HERE.

Buttermilk Pancakes

When it comes to pancakes, I usually prefer buttermilk. They taste a lot more buttery, and they tend to be a little more fluffy than regular. Check out a good blueberry buttermilk pancake HERE.
If you are not confident in making pancakes from scratch, of course you can cut some slack by getting the pancake mix at the store!
French Toast
French toast is optional if you have decided to make pancakes instead. Or vise versa. OR, feel free to make both. No judgement here.
I found this scrumptious recipe by Paula Dean that is brings French toast to the next level. Almost like a French toast pudding. Looking good.
No brunch is complete without a quiche. I love quiches, and hopefully your mom does too!

HERE is my Spinach and Onion quiche recipe! Feel free to add any other ingredients that you and your mom like.

Egg & Bacon Cups


I saw this recipe and  immediately told myself that I’ve got to make this! It can’t be any cuter!

Egg Scramble

Instead of simple eggs, egg scramble is an excellent idea. Throw in anything you like with scrambled eggs and you are bound to get a yummy dish. For a recipe, click on the link above. the Chorizo egg scramble is definitely the way to go!
What’s breakfast without bacon? You’ve got to have bacon. The trick on the stove for good crispy bacon is low (heat) and slow (time). However, if you want to cook your bacon in the oven, here has the directions.
Lastly, it’s mother’s day, we gotta celebrate with some bubbly! In this case, Italian bubbly- Prosecco. Giada came up with this brilliant Bellini Bar Idea.  Your mom will love this! (Who wouldn’t?!)

So what are you waiting for? Make a to-buy list and get to the grocery store already!


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