American Food

22 Jun

Oh man, I can’t believe I am saying this, but I miss American food. Just a little bit, don’t get too excited, America.

To get my American fix, my family and I went to 樂子, The Diner, located in the Xin Yi District, where a lot of foreigners hang.

The place was packed! We had a 40 minute wait on a Saturday at noon. It was packed with young professionals and young families with small children. I went with my parents (both in their 50s but look nothing like it *lies*) and my sister. We definitely stood out. Oh well.

The menu had a wide array of dishes. From breakfast to dinner, it really resembles what I see in the US. I guess this is why it is called The Diner?

Oo, and they also had drinks, beers, margaritas, mojitos, all of my favorites. I didn’t order them not because it was the middle of the day, but because it was a bit pricey. I thought I’d live without it.

How was the food? Good. Not too shabby. I’ve definitely had worse American food in Taiwan.

Vegetarian (mushroom and spinach) eggs benedict. Eggs benedict is like the “new thing” here. It’s been my favorite for a long time but I am always afraid to eat it because of its intimidating calorie count. This one, though, was surprisingly light and very very delicious. The sauce did not taste extra creamy and the potatoes were just lightly seasoned with salt and herbs, it was perfect for me, and much better than the one posted in this post.

mushroom and spinach eggs benedict

The french toast was delicious as well. I know it might be a little weird that my mom ordered french fries with her french toast. I think she was going with the “French” theme. Anyhow, the french toast was airy and fluffy with hint of sweetness from the batter. The powdered sugar and a drizzle of maple syrup add more sweetness to it. My mom, the grand lover of all things bread, absolutely loved it.

classic french toast

Quesadilla was surprisingly good as well. The skin was crispy and the quesadilla itself was full of smokey flavor. The lettuce/salsa/guacamole/sour cream side that my parents devoured as a side salad was super fresh. Well, the guacamole can probably be a little better, it was a bit too mashed and a little watery, but Mexico is like 40234920383 miles away from here, so I guess I’ll forgive the unprofessionalism of the guac.

chicken quesadilla

And lastly, we have the steak sandwich on focaccia bread. Steak, fried egg, arugula, in focaccia bread. It was definitely very tasty. The sweet potato fries on the side was a bit disappointing though. It was a bit too thick for me, and I couldn’t find the sweetness from the sweet potatoes that they used.

stead sandwich

Well, overall, it was a satisfying meal. My mom loved it so much that she gave it a 9 out of 10! If you are ever in Taiwan, or if you are already in Taiwan and crave a nice close-to-authentic American meal, you should definitely come for a visit!

Visit 樂子 The Diner to find a restaurant near you!


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