Food Porn- Orange Shabu Shabu, Taipei

3 Aug

After hearing about all the celebrities coming to this hot pot restaurant, my family and I were excited to try it in celebration of mi padre’s birthday!

My father, the toughest food critic (based on what? not sure, he eats everything but still is a picky critique-r), really enjoyed it! Orange is known for their fresh ingredients, so everything we had were extremely fresh,especially the seafood (oh, you will see).

Appetizer- tofu with shrimp. The tofu had a thicker texture, almost like a panna cotta-tofu mixture. It doesn’t taste as weird as it sounds, I swear.

appetizer- crab leg salad. Note that this is not the imitation crab legs you get in your usual California roll. The salad was refreshing but satisfying with the cashews on top.

white sesame sauce and mashed dikon scallion soy sauce. Dips for what’s to come.

Vegetable platter. The little thing of sweet corn was the best.

veggies going in the broth.

thinly sliced beef

thinly sliced pork. This was the best meat in my opinion.

seafood platter. The shrimps in the middle were still moving. I already warned you that the seafood is extra fresh!

assorted sashimi. Tuna was the bestest.

The coolest part, after we are done with the hot pot, the waiter comes back with rice and cook the rice into the broth, about 20 minutes, until it becomes porridge.

they even have little dishes of pickled veggies to go along with the fresh porridge.

my favorite part of the meal. Imagine a simple broth of fresh seafood and good quality pork, beef, and veggies, and then incorporate with rice. It’s as thick and delicious as you imagine.

Fresh fruit for all the guests- dragon fruit and a slice of nectarine.

dessert- caramel flan. The flan was thick!

Almond tofu soup. This was interesting because the tofu was more like mochi, it was sticky! Nevertheless it was pretty delicious!

last dessert- red bean ice. Red bean and condensed milk on top of shaved ice.

Though this place was a bit pricy, it was still worth it considered the amount and quality of ingredients that they provided. What a memorable meal though, I am drooling again just looking at the pictures!


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